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OcTrolleyFest Excursions: Scott Est./Eden Cem., Swedish Cabin, Mount Moriah Cem.

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Darby Borough's OcTrolleyFest is a celebration of over 300 years of local and area history, particularly as it relates to the development of the streetcar and trolley system. The celebration begins at 10am in central Darby, with activities at Darby Fire Company # 1 (just a block from the Darby Transportation Center on Chester Pike/McDade Boulevard), featuring the Darby Ram, a rare example of an early fire-fighting vehicle (about one step up from a bucket brigade, IMHO). Celebrations continue at Sharon Savings Bank (also on Chester Pike a half-block from Main Street) with the announcement of the winners of this year's trolley-themed art contest (open to area 5th-graders). There will also be activities at Darby Free Library (10th & Main), the oldest public library in the nation (operating since 1743). This year's celebration will continue on the light rail trolleys out of 69th Street (#100 Norristown high-speed line, #102 Sharon Hill Trolley, and #101 Media trolley). We will conduct an "inside parallel tour" hiking to and through nearby historical sites, utilizing the #102, the Blue Line EL, and the #13 Green Line trolley between sites. (There will be 3 different walking "segments": Darby to Eden Cemetery/Scott Estate first, Creek Road/Swedish Cabin second, and Mount Moriah Cemetery third.) You can choose to leave (or join!) us at a number of points via public transit (as outlined below).

We will meet at 11am at the Darby Transportation Center, (teminus of the #11 Green Line Trolley ) to begin our walk(s). We will check out some of the historical displays adjoining the Transportation Center along Darby Creek (particularly those relating to William Stills and Octavius Catto, African-Americans most notable for their efforts to desegregate the Philadelphia-area trolley system), before walking up Springfield Road to Mount Zion Cemetery (actually two cemeteries), then touring the Scott Estate before visiting Eden Cemetery (the first rural African-American Cemetery), including the graves of Marian Anderson and William Stills, and the memorial to Octavius Catto, who was also a martyr to the cause of the African-American right to vote. We will then catch the #102 trolley at Bartram Avenue (either at 12:00 noon or 12:20), getting off at Creek Road to check out the Swedish Cabin , the closest thing to being in the mountains in suburban Philadelphia (we will save the "wildlands" hike to Drexeline on the #101 Media trolley for another time). We will re-board the #102 at Creek Road around (1:10 or) 1:40pm, traveling to 69th Street Terminal (optional return to Darby via the #113 bus), where we will have a chance to check out the historical displays there before taking the EL (ideally right at 2pm, but possibly 2:10) to 30th Street for the free interchange to the #13 trolley to Mount Moriah Cemetery

We will be at Mount Moriah between 2:30 and 3pm, and you can catch a #13 trolley around 3:15 that will have you back at the Darby Transportation Center before 3:30.

We are working on having historical tour guides at both Eden and Mount Moriah Cemeteries as well as the Swedish Cabin. Our Assistant Organizer, trail activist and historian Scott Maits (, who is almost entirely responsible for the design of this walk, will likely be leading a bicycle tour as part of the OcTrolleyFest activities, and may not be able to join us. If he *does* join us, we will have the advantage of his extensive historical knowledge. I will be updating this description as more details become clear.

I look forward to sharing this unique event with you!