An overview of models in Django

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About the talk

Models form the backbone of most Django sites. They contain the fields and behaviors of the data your site is using. The proper planning and implementation of models is one of the first steps to creating powerful and reusable Django apps. It’s also crucial for avoiding pitfalls and complex workarounds down the line. In this talk you’ll hear about: -

• Django model fields and methods

• Model inheritance

• Relational databases

• Migrations

• How to access the data stored within your models

About the speaker

Michael Auritt is a video production specialist and Python programmer living in South Philly. In his current role as Director of Media Production, he oversees the development of video content for CorpU’s online learning platform. He’s been teaching himself programming for the past three years and enjoys using it to speed up production workflows, build websites, and find gelato.

Getting There!

Huntsman Hall (3730 Walnut St.) Take the elevators to the third floor... room 345 is right next to the elevators along the main hallway.

Doors open at 5:30pm, and pizza will arrive right around 6pm. We'll start the program at 6:30pm.