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Join us for our third night of Julython ( sprinting on July 23. For this event, we're extending a special invitation to our friends at Hacks Hackers Philly ( Welcome journalists and journo-techies!

What is it?

Julython is a friendly city-against-city Python competition. It's a great excuse to get Pythonistas contributing to open source projects, and it's the perfect event to organize a series of project nights around. Read more about it here: (

Why are we devoting an entire month of Mondays to this project?

Philly represent! This is a competition. The goal is to get Philly (listed as 'Philadelphia, PA') to the top of this list: This is a great way for our Python workshop graduates ( to get some additional guided Python practice. We want you to love open source as much as we do. Are you a newer Pythonista looking to pick up the skills (git/github, irc) you'll need to participate in open source projects? This event is for you.

Is this just for newbies?

All PhillyPUG members are welcome to participate. We're focusing on pulling more newbies into the community, but we also need experienced coders to help lead projects. PyStarPhilly (!/pystarphilly)/PhillyPUG workshop staff will be available to mentor new Pythonistas and answer questions. We have a limited number of seats available at Indy Hall, so not everyone will be able to join us in person.

Do I have to come to Indy Hall to participate in Julython?

No, you can participate from home or work or anywhere, really. The instructions are here ( Just make sure you set your Julython profile location to Philadelphia, PA. That way Philly gets a point each time you commit to a project. FYI: Julython isn't limited to open source. You can also pick up points for commits to private projects.

What should I bring? Will you feed me? If I RSVP now do I have to attend every Monday event this month?

Bring a laptop and power cord. Mozilla is providing us with snacks and drinks. Thank you, Mozilla! No way do you have to join us every Monday this month! That's crazy. (But maybe you are a little crazy, and you really do want to spend 12 hours with us in July. That's cool.) We'd love to see new faces during each Monday event, so be sure to tell your friends about Julython in Philly. We'll post a new event page with new sign-ups on the PhillyPUG meetup site ( each week.

How can I get help if I'm not at Indy Hall?

You can find us on IRC at #python-workshop We also have a Google group:!forum/python-workshops-philly


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