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Tired of spending your evening socializing with others talking about the weather, your job, or the big game. Prefer to have a deep and meaningful conversation instead? We could talk about politics, science, spirituality, the environment, the male/female relationship, or the nature of the universe. Heck, we could even have a meaningful conversation about meaninglessness.

Come join us, help us choose something fun and meaningful to talk about, and lets get in there deep over a cup of tea, or a beer if it suits.

If you are just looking for a good argument, this group is not for you. But if you are craving some good conversation and truly want to communicate and learn from other peoples perspectives. . .

Join us for a good, deep, meaningful, time.

Note: this group maintains an anti-cult stance. For information about cults, how to identify them, how to avoid them, and what to do if someone you know is involved with one, I have found that http://www.cultinformation.org.uk/home.html (http://www.cultinformation.org.uk/home.html) is a good starting point.

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Boilerplate: I gave up on the Meetup method of charging an annual fee after they stole $15 from me without authorization. This Meetup costs me roughly $180/year to run. If you can afford to contribute $5/year, that would be helpful. If you suddenly need to change your RSVP from Yes to No, I understand, but doing this an hour or two before the event makes it almost impossible for those on the waiting list to attend. Please try to make a final decision about attending by late on Saturday if you can. We meet in the Community Room at the Shaws at the intersection of routes 189 and 7; the Community Room is at the parking lot end of aisle 2 --- If there is a hurricane, and your house is spared, you feel lucky. Why do you not feel unlucky that there was a hurricane at all? If you meet your partner at 40, why do you feel lucky to have met them, rather than unlucky that it took 10 or 20 years longer than most people? If a team falls way behind in a sporting event, and then comes back to win, why do we think they're amazing athletes, rather than inept for falling behind in the first place? When we get to be out in the sunshine, we appreciate it. When we get a new car, we appreciate it. We don't complain "Yeah, it sunny, but I'm not out on a lake in a sail boat" or "Yeah, its a car, but it's not Ferrari". We could go negative in the sunshine, but we tend to go positive. And then it rains, and many of us say "We needed the rain" or "I like the coolness" rather than complaining. Well. At least for the first day of rain. Do you feel that sense of being lucky, or being skillful, or being appreciative, as described above? As many of you know, I worship at the Church of Shit Happens. I believe that we encounter random events, some of which we like, some of which we do not, but there is no force at work (like a god) which is rooting for us or is choreographing the life-dance. When something bad happens to me, I just say "shit happens". And when something good happens to me, I try to say "shit happens". But sometimes, I feel a little lucky or appreciative. Strange. I am inconsistent in my worship. Let's talk about when and why we feel lucky, or skillful, or appreciative.

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