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Income/Wealth Inequality
In Discussions, we frequently talk about (decry?) income inequality. Let's discuss this in depth, not from the point of complaining, but from the point of stating exactly what kind of income and wealth distribution would we find to be desirable. If we have time (ha!) we can try to figure out how to get to the desired state. I will be editing this description in the next few days, adding links to resources to help you learn more about the topic. Here is a great way to start (thanks Shanna!): Added Jan 10th: Here are some interesting web pages. Remember: we are not focusing on lamentations about history. We are focusing on "what situation do we think is fair/optimum" now:

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Note: this group maintains an anti-cult stance. For information about cults, how to identify them, how to avoid them, and what to do if someone you know is involved with one, I have found that ( is a good starting point.

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