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I'm not sure what the 196 past meetups have covered. I'm currently pondering for myself a question. It's basically, "Can I choose what to believe or am I chosen?" I'm coming to this from a pragmatic, or pragmatist point of view, in that I have concluded that my current world view does not contribute to my sense of equanimity nor happiness. I am considering choosing another set of beliefs that might lend themselves conducive to greater happiness.

I have a cousin whom I call "the smartest man I've ever met" who converted to Christianity from a fairly materialistic framework and I am intrigued by the notion that I might just be able to choose from faith, that is, beyond what evidence suggests is true.

What do you think? Is this possible? Would you recommend it? Have you tried it?

As some of you know, it costs me about $144 each year to run this meetup. If you have the resources and the inclination, a small contribution ($5-$10) each year would help defray this cost. Think of this as my asking you to give me a quarter at each meeting!