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Who are we? What is a "deep" conversation? What is a "meaningful" conversation?

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With quite a few new people joining our events, perhaps it is time to, once again, ponder what it means to have a "deep" and/or "meaningful" conversation. What would you like to talk about? But, perhaps more importantly, why?

How do we continue to have interesting conversations without descending into some of the more troublesome topics, like politics (divisive), or religious/spiritual (opinion-based rather than [at least to some extent] fact-based)?

One principle we have stuck to is that we do not want to have discussions which resolve down to "well, I believe this" vs "well, I believe that". If you can explain why you hold a belief, then others can join in.

Another is that, while personal experience and anecdote is often informative, when this goes to an extreme, we wind up with informal therapy sessions; so we try to avoid that.

Come and discuss what it means to have a quality discussion. What makes it good, and what are the boundaries?

We will meet in the round room at the top of the stairs.

I continue to solicit topics from all of you. Let me know if there is something you want to discuss.

It costs me $144/year to run this group. If you attend the group regularly, wish to, and can afford to, a contribution of $5 per year would be helpful.