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Unexpected Economics 24 lectures: May 26 - Nov 3, 2012

Each 30 min video lecture is followed by one hour long moderated discussion. Attendance is open. New members are welcome!

Taught By Professor Timothy Taylor, M.Econ., Stanford University,
Macalester College

"In the spirit of books like Freakonomics, Predictably Irrational, and Nudge, this course applies "economic thinking" to issues that you would not normally think of as economics: kidney transplants, marriage, charity, obesity, etc. I would say that the course is best for people who already have some background in how to think like an economist - or have an analytical personality. Prof Taylor's presentation is very good. He keeps the course interesting with lots of anecdotal stories. Some people may be uncomfortable with an analytical approach to thinking about emotional issues such as terrorism, natural disasters, and organ transplants, but that is to point of the course -- to teach people to think rationally about issues that are often driven by emotion. Given this, Prof Taylor does an excellent job of being sensitive to this potential analytical/emotional clash."