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Tools of Thinking 13 Proper Inferences Avoid Equivocation

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Tools of Thinking: Understanding the World Through Experience and Reason

Dr. James Hall

We will watch and discuss one lecture per meeting.

The meeting limit is 12 people.

Full lecture list for this course:

1 What Are “Tools of Thinking”? 2 Which Tools of Thinking Are Basic? 3 Platonic Intuition, Memory, and Reason 4 Intuition, Memory, and Reason—Problems 5 Sense Experience—A More Modern Take 6 Observation and Immediate Inferences 7 Further Immediate Inferences 8 Categorical Syllogisms
9 Ancient Logic in Modern Dress 10 Systematic Doubt and Rational Certainty 11 The Limits of Sense Experience 12 Inferences Demand Relevant Evidence 13 Proper Inferences Avoid Equivocation 14 Induction Is Slippery but Unavoidable 15 The Scientific Revolution 16 Hypotheses and Experiments—A First Look 17 How Empirical Is Modern Empiricism?
18 Hypotheses and Experiments—A Closer Look 19 “Normal Science” at Mid-Century 20 Modern Logic—Truth Tables 21 Modern Logic—Sentential Arguments 22 Modern Logic—Predicate Arguments 23 Postmodern and New-Age Problems
24 Rational Empiricism in the 21st Century