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Play Underwater Hockey at Mona Plummer Saturdays (Spring 2022)

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William C. and Ruth
Play Underwater Hockey at Mona Plummer Saturdays (Spring 2022)


You're invited to underwater hockey!

We have some loaner equipment available for new players. If you have snorkeling gear (mask, fins, and snorkel) that you'd like to use, please bring it.

All you need is:

  • a swimsuit
  • a towel

Optionally you may want to bring

  • socks (they provide foot protection while wearing fins)
  • shampoo for after you play

We recommend street parking outside of the pool on 6th St or the City Hall Parking Garage.

SCHEDULE - Spring 2022:
12:00-12:20: Park, enter Mona Plummer, change to swimsuit, explain rules to new players
12:20-12:45: Get gear ready, Get in water, warm -up
12:45-1:00: Skill drill
1:00-1:20: Game
1:20-1:35: Drill
1:35-1:45: Game
1:45-1:55: Last three points
1:55: Out of the water, off deck ASAP, and shower.

New players focus on getting your gear put away neatly. Experienced players get the goals and walls put away.

Many people go out for food after the games. Plan to join us after your first practice! The social aspect is the best part of the sport!

The club operates on a pay-what-you-can system to pay for pool time, buy gear and insurance, and other club upkeep. Click to donate (, or bring cash to the pool. We suggest a donation of $10/practice or $35/month, but anything helps!

COVID-19 Requirements:

  • All participants MUST be registered on meetup
  • Please perform a self-check of your daily health and stay home if you are not well.
  • If you test positive for Covid-19 within 7-days of attending practice, notify William to trigger anonymous contact tracing notifications.
*Phoenix Underwater Hockey*
*Phoenix Underwater Hockey*
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