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Serve an Evening Meal at St. Vincent De Pauls Dan O'Meara Dining Room.

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When: The First Mondays of the month,

Time: 4:00pm - 6:30pm

Group Size: 14

Location:St. Vincent de Paul Dan O'Meara Dining Room, 420 W. Watkins Rd., Phoenix 85003

Duties:Set up, help serve meals, cleanup, assist in the Dream Center, and other duties assigned by the Family Evening Meal Manager.

Age limit: No one under 14 years of age may serve on the hot food line; however, children 9 to 14 may help with beverages, trays, bussing tables and other important duties

Dress Code: Jeans, slacks, knee-length shorts, t-shirts, sweats, uniforms or sneakers are fine. (Please, NO sandals, flip-flops, open-toe shoes, heels, tank tops, open midriff tops, low-cut tops or short-shorts.)

Parking: Use the North parking lot where the PINK PILLARS are located at the lot entrance.

The entrance to the lobby is marked by another set of PINK PILLARS.

Check-In: Check in with Security who will provide a badge (paper sticker) to be worn while volunteering. Print your FIRST NAME ONLY on the badge.

Waiver: Volunteers must sign the waiver form and turn it into the Security Desk upon arrival. If you are under 18, a guardian signature must be included.

Lockers: For protection of your personal belongings, please ask the guard for a locker key.

Log Book: For remaining group members, please have them sign their names on the sign in sheet in the Family Evening Meal Log Book on the Security Desk. Under the column “Group Name” write in the Group or Family Name.

Attendance Policy: Please note Phoenix Philanthropists does have an attendance policy. We understand that plans change and emergencies come up. If you RSVP YES, but can no longer attend, PLEASE change yourRSVP ASAP. Please note that we do have an attendance policy. Our charity partners rely on us to attend when we say we will and our attendance policy is intended to ensure we can meet our charity partners' expectations. Please give a minimum of 24 hours notice for this event before canceling. No Call/No Shows will be recorded, and after 3 No Call No Shows/month or 6 No Call No Shows/year, you will be removed from the Phoenix Philanthropists MeetUp. Please understand this policy is not intended to penalize our philanthropists, but to ensure we maintain good relationships with our charity partners and can give the most back to our community.