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Private Karaoke Room at Geisha A Go Go!
*NOTE: Event date and time will be continuously rescheduled until we get at least six paid RSVP's 48 hours before event starts, so keep checking back! We thought we'd try a private karaoke experience so that we get to sing more and mingle with each other more easily, and for those a bit shy at first. There are two room options (small 2-6 people and large for 6-20) and we are starting with the smallest but can change if we get more interested or on a wait list. As long as we spend up to $100 (not including tax & gratuities) over 2 hours for a small room, or $200 over 2 hours for a large room, in food and drink there is no additional charge every day EXCEPT 7:30 PM & 10 PM Fri-Sun, when they charge that much just for the room, PLUS EXTRA for all food and drink. Therefore we want to start with the best price option. Because we must reserve the room we are asking each of you who RSVP's to pay a $18.56 charge. THIS CHARGE WILL BE REFUNDED IN FULL to all who EITHER cancel 60 hours in advance OR attend and spend at least $17 on food and drink (not including tax & gratuities). This will ensure no one is out any money, including those booking the event. Of course if the event is canceled due to lack of at least six paid RSVP's (or for any other reason) all paid RSVP's will be refunded in full as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IMPORTANT: We have a tentative date set until we get at least six RSVP's 48 hours before event starts. To all interested PLEASE USE THE DISCUSSION SECTION BELOW to list which day(s) and time(s) you prefer: Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu. at 5 PM Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu. at 7:30 PM Fri. at 5 PM Sat. at 5 PM Sun. at 5 PM Fri. at 7:30 PM (food and drink not included) Sat. at 7:30 PM (food and drink not included) Sun. at 7:30 PM (food and drink not included) Fri. at 10 PM (food and drink not included) Sat. at 10 PM (food and drink not included) Sun. at 10 PM (food and drink not included) If we get enough interest or a wait list well beyond six we will switch to a larger room but all else still applies. So PLEASE SIGN UP EARLY (NOW) SO WE KNOW WHAT SIZE ROOM WE NEED!

Geisha A GO GO

7150 E. 6th Ave · Scottsdale, AZ

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What we're about

Calling all karaoke bar crawlers! We're an alternative Meetup group to the couple other valley karaoke groups that already exist -- but which only schedule events at the same club every week where the organizer hosts -- of, by and for strictly those who love to sing karaoke at a variety of venues. This also includes those that would love to try, or listeners who just would like to be around those that sing to provide moral support and check out new talent and music genres. The goal is to provide a more consistent experience with loyal and dependable members that get to know each other as friends and gradually grow into a tight but open and welcoming group -- like a club. There are about a couple hundred venues in the Valley with karaoke at least once a week, with many offering it multiple nights. Having this alternative local karaoke group allows you to add your favorite venues or preferred dates that other groups may be missing -- we figure the more options and flexibility the better, right?

Karaoke is a great way to "introduce" yourself to others as each time you sing (or someone else sings) it is a conversation starter, whether it be about their performance, song choice, audio quality, etc. Chime in with your favorite place to sing and any suggestions you may have for our group!


You can find us on Facebook at Also, for TV and gaming fans interested in competing in home-based video & computerized versions of classic TV game shows in a smaller private group setting, be sure to check out ( too!

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