Sunday Weekly Tennis (back at) Chaparral HS. 8:00am

This is a past event

14 people went

Every week on Sunday

Chaparral High School

6935 E Gold Dust Ave · Scottsdale

How to find us

Ask for the Meetup group

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Update August 2017, GREAT NEWS .... were back to Chaparral HS starting 8/13/17. Aces to you!!! (Thanks for your patience).

(Updated June 2017, new location due to Construction, please read before coming to play).

Come on out and join us Sunday mornings for some great social tennis at Chaparral High School's (8) eight courts. This is the longest running weekly event in the PVTG (Meetup) group. We are a varied group of EXPERIENCED players who enjoy both the competitive and social components of the game. EXPERIENCED Players of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to participate but you must be able to play and not a beginner! Let's have some fun tennis.

VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER TO RSVP: To play in this group, you must RSVP and know the below group rules. Check your Smart phones to see who does RSVP. Please be courteous and RSVP so that we know who is coming. Those that do RSVP are given priority to play in our group over those that do not RSVP. Those that don't RSVP ARE NOT PART OF THE GROUP & do not get priority to play in OUR group event EVER.

Start Time: This official Meetup Summer start time is 7:30 AM. However some players tend to show up earlier, especially in the summer months. Just indicate in your RSVP commentary your start time preference, and if others follow suit, then you are golden! You may also start later if you wish, but things usually wind down around 11:30 AM or even later (based on who can play), except for a few diehards!

Later play for those with busy AM's, if you want to play later, feel free to post on the event if anyone wants to play later.

Experience Level: You don’t have to be Roger Federer or Serena Williams to participate in this group! However, you do need to know the basic rules of the game (i.e. etiquette, how to keep score) and be able to keep a rally going. This is not a beginner tennis group. If you are a total beginner, we recommend you take lessons first, and then come on out and join us once you have mastered (or decent enough w/) the basics! Also if you are an experienced tennis player you should know to NEVER cross a court during live play, please out of respect, wait until the point is over before crossing.

Dress Code: Our dress code is casual but we do request that you dress! In other words, we have a mandatory “shirt on” policy with our group, even if you happen to be a GQ model. Please honor this policy.

Playing Tennis!: The Meetup players usually play on the south courts. If you are not certain, just ask, “Are you part of the Meetup Group?” Since we almost always play doubles, feel free to join in on the action if there are 1, 2, or 3 players already hitting on a court. If there happens to be a shortage of courts or an odd number of players, please work with one another to rotate everyone in so that we all get a chance to do what we came to do: Play Tennis!

Once your set/match is over its “Winner’s Choice” tennis, so the winning doubles team get to stay as a partnership for the next set/match or split or challenge the next court over to a set or match. Don’t be afraid, be vocal and ask. Feel free to mix it up and play other players and other styles. It will only get you to be a better player and Meet more players.

What to Bring & No Bathroom: Please bring plenty of water, a fresh can of balls, your tennis gear and a positive attitude! :) Note: There are no open restrooms, but there is a Total Wine store w/BR 2mins away in case you do need to leave the premises.

Have Fun!: Our group promotes a safe, friendly, and social environment where we can escape our daily routines, get some great exercise and most importantly, Have FUN! We are a very social and happy group. If you create animosity, do not “get along” or have an attitude…… you will be asked to leave and to not play with the group. Organizers have the right for refusal of any player and to BAN those players permanently. See you this Sunday! It’s on!