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Fire, Fotos, Footage and Fun: Dance Week Edition

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Join us for this special gathering in honor of Bay Area Dance Week for this community gathering where artists practice and play with fire as photographers explore low light, extended exposure photography. This is a community gathering and we all have different experiences and exposure to fire. Please work together and communicate. If you see something unsafe, please act. We are all responsible. If the crowd is getting to close, ask them to move away. It looks like we will have a crowded evening so be prepared. let's keep the depot by the fountain on the far side farthest from the street, thereby keeping us more hidden from the cops and all of it contained in one place. This probably means you have to walk a little further to re-dip. HOW TO HANDLE THE COPS: Assume we will get approached by cops. If they ask who is in charge, say "no one", since, really, no one is. We are each personally responsible. In 2011 when they approached us with 8 cops and we were big, they asked who was in charge. Everyone said noone was in charged and continued to spin and act like nothing was wrong. They watched us for a while and then, the never shut us down. This happened 2 months in a row last summer. In summary, if the cops approach: - continue as if you're not doing anything wrong - don't offer to help them shut us down -- unless they ask, don't extinguish or shut down the music - if (and only if) they ask, "who is in charge?" answer, "no one." If they then ask, "how do people know to come then?" answer, "word of mouth -- been going on for years." LNT!!! Leave no trace people -- please clean up after yourselves and remember to do an "idiot check" before you leave and grab all your stuff, including your duvey. PHOTS OPPORTUNITY: let's get there in time for sundown -- we've gotten some beautiful photos when that happens and this a great location for it! :) BRING LEDS -- Plan to stick around if the cops do shut us down cause, damn it, summer's here and we should be playing!!! :) === the regular stuff: FIRE BREATHERS: The ground is becoming very slippery and dangerous for anyone who's trying to dance there later. PLEASE NO FIRE BREATHING IN THE MAIN CIRCLE! Please if you want to fire breathe please go out to one of the "spokes" of the dome, that way you can get all the pictures you want, and the main circle will be a bit safer. That said, tell the photographers when you're going to go over and do that. please note, there are often people there past 11 despite the event saying it goes till 11. :)


Thank you to everyone who has been bringing the catch trays -- the ground has been much more clear of fuel, though, still people seem to be missing the point to some degree as there was definitely some spillage on the ground last jam. Please keep ALL FUEL on top of catch trays so that we don't pollute the ground.

EVERYONE MUST USE A CATCH TRAY! A catch tray is not the same as a dipping bucket! All fire spinners must put a catch tray underneath there dipping buckets, this is for multiple safety reasons. spinners last month were dripping fuel all over the dipping station, as well as dripping out of the dipping station.

We will also continue to have ONE dipping area this month, ONE! This is to make sure all fuel is set a safe distance away from the spin area, and as well as to protect anyone knocking fuel over.

PLEASE set the dipping area up away from the spinning area. Remember SF Fire code requires 25 feet so let's try and have at least more than 10. Last time when I walked up people were spinning fire a few feet from one of the fuel depot areas.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: please come and join us - For those new to fire photography -- as an artist or as a photographer -- or looking for some guidance, you can purchase our Get Lit video instruction series with nearly 40 minutes of useful information for $10. as one photographer said, "you're giving it away at that price!" Details and purchase link are here:

- practice shooting extended exposure photos and capturing the amazing images fire dancing creates. THIS IS TIME FOR TRADE, PLEASE POST YOUR PHOTOS AND MAKE THEM AVAILABLE TO THE ARTISTS WHO ARE IN YOUR PHOTOS! most artists would love copies of your photos, so please share them with us when you're done! Please approach the artists and ask them to model for you! they will!!! :)

Fire Friends & Faeries...


Fire Footage Capturers...

Fans and Fellows alike -

- Please read this before you come out n'play:

- This is a leave no trace event

- please bring your *own* fuel and pack out any empty cans and trash you may accumulate. Pack it IN, pack it OUT! it really sucks at the end of the night cleaning up other people's fuel cans which keeps happening.

- Bring LED toys! in case we get shut down with fire so we can still rock out on lights.

- If is raining the day of, check back here and we'll make a decision by 6 pm about if the event will or won't happen.

- NO mooching fuel! bring your own or make arrangements for someone else coming to bring it for you!!! Also: * We ask all performers to safety -

- this includes crowd control as well as grabbing the duvey.

- if you go to put fuel in someone else's dip can, please check with them, no one wants kero mixed with their white gas.

The purpose of this event is to:

- have fun

- have a safe place to play with fire where we can also have a crowd and audience

- share our art form

- play

- capture photos

- capture footage

- expand the community

- connect photographers with artists so artists can have better marketing photos and so the photographers can expand their skills and portfolio You can bring your own videoographer or camera and hopefully we can trade off so we can capture each other's footage. All are welcome, so please pass this on.

Again: This is a leave no trace event -- please bring your own fuel and pack out any empty cans.