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Let's go on up to Grouse Mountain this coming Sunday (yes, Father's Day!). It looks like fantastic weather for shooting Grizzlies!

NOTE: This event is very casual. You can come early or late, with friends and family or alone. If you want to meet others from the group, please note the times that we'll be gathering at the Wolf Pen (between 8am and 9am), and then again to shoot the Grizzlies at their feeding time (before or around 10am). Otherwise, you are on your own - or you can hang with the others.

What to expect

Meet at the upper parking lot, under the tram, about 8:00am for the "feeding of the wolves". Lots of good shots to be had there.

Then, head up the tram at about 9:00 or 9:15 to see the Grizzles who come out to eat before or about 10am and then go an hide and sleep for the rest of the day.

After the Grizzlies, there are bird of prey and scenery and landscape and trails to walk and shoot. There's a 45 min long lumberjack show, too.

How to get there

Drive to the upper parking lot and park and pay $5 to park for the day, or take the bus and catch the #232 Grouse Mountain Skyride bus from Edgemont @ Ridgewood Dr. bus stop.

Where to Meetup

At the Wolves pen under the tram at the upper parking lot at about 8am to shoot the wolves, then head up the tram around 9am (or you can do the "Grind" for free), and meet at the top for the Grizzly feeding.

After that, you can wander off on your own and do your own thing, or stick with the group and we'll choose what we want to do together. Will probably want to check out the Lumberjack show at noon, grab a bite and be finished by about 1 or 2pm.


It costs minimum $40 + tax for the Skyride tram - or if you want to go to the Peak it's $44 + tax, or to go to the top of the Eye of the Wind turbine it's $53 + tax. Bring more money if you want to buy lunch.

Note: there is a price break for 15 people minimum paying regular fare - so if there's enough interest then we'll arrange to meet at the pay booth and pay together at a specific time. Just a thought to keep in mind.

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