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Virtual Photo Challenge: Mix N Match #4 (Oct. 3 to 9)

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Time sure flies! This is the 4th week in our "Mix N Match" series of weekly challenges, the aim of which is to photograph and post at least one image each week based on your choice of the themes provided.

The Mix N Match weekly challenge provides 7 themes each week. You can choose one theme to focus on and post your single best image. Or, you can choose to take as many photos as you like based on any of the 7 themes. You may post up to 7 images for this challenge. It's up to you.

If you enjoyed watching or participating in the previous Mix N Match challenge, then feel free to sign up for this one too. It starts promptly at 7am on Wednesday, October 3rd.



Special Note: you must sign up before the start date to take part in this challenge.

To take part in this week's challenge you must sign up before the start date. By signing up you commit to taking at least one photo based on the themes provided.

You must post a single image to the designated photo album for the challenge, and it must be based on one of the themes. You may shoot as many photos and use as many of the themes as you like, and may post up to 7 photos to the album. You can post your images after the date you took them as long as you took the photos (with your camera) between the start and end dates of the challenge. No other photos are allowed. There are no restrictions on what to shoot, or how you produce your images.

In the Caption of each image you upload, you must name the Theme that inspired it.


Themes for Mix N Match #4

1. Sap Green

2. Crisp

3. Tattoo

4. Dramatic Angle

5. Martial Arts

6. Beam

7. Cool


How it Works:

You must sign up to participate before the start date of this challenge.

Your own personal challenge starts when you RSVP to join us on the challenge. You commit to taking at least one photo, based on your choice of the themes provided, between the start and end dates of the challenge. You must post one photo to the Designated Photo Album ( for this Challenge, but you may post up to 7 images for the week if you like. Your photos must be taken with your camera between the start and end dates of this challenge and each photo must be inspired by one of the themes. If you cannot post your images on the day you took them, you can post later; there is no time limit for posting your photos to the Album for the challenge.

For the Mix N Match series, you must name the theme that inspired your image in the Caption. Please ensure that you post your image to the correct Album.


All group members are encouraged to enjoy the photos that are posted by the participants of this challenge and add comments of encouragement and appreciation.

REMEMBER: we will NOT meet in person because this is a VIRTUAL challenge. There will be no judging and no prizes. If you sign up for the challenge, you are making a personal agreement with yourself to take photos and then post your best photos as laid out in the instructions.

Note: If you miss the start date and cannot RSVP, then you must wait for the next challenge... :)