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St. Louis Photo Authority®

858 Hodiamont Avenue · Saint Louis, MO

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Professional photographers have to be prepared to get great photos almost anywhere; in a cavern, in a canyon, excavating for a mine, dark churches, nightclubs, people’s homes and itty-bitty living spaces as well as outdoors in all sorts of weather. We know that the light is often not doing what you want (darn light), so how do you get fantastic, incredible photos that will amaze your friends and astound your enemies?

Learn how your flash can give you phenomenal cosmic powers*; we’ll bounce, balance, fill, and dominate with your speed light on-camera.
• learn to bounce the light,
• fill light on sunny days
• overrule the sun - betcha didn't know you could!
• HSS, TTL, What do they mean?
• flash duration - why it makes a difference

All will be put in its proper place and made clear. And we’ll practice all this useful and really cool stuff, so sign up right now!
Oh, yes, and like always, bring your camera, fully charged batteries, your speed light (external flash), empty memory card and your learning cap.