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SpeedLite Intensive (Off Camera Flash) Model Shoot

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Price: $75.00 /per person

Needs a location


Planning July's Workshop I have been approached to share insight on using speedlites to produce eye-popping images. Being key photographer for a busy studio for 15 years shooting with primarily off camera, I have learned how to control light: A skill critical to impress your clients.

I will work with each team until every single person has grasped the fundamentals of controlling light with flash.

If you are getting less than stellar images using your camera flash than you need to take this intensive workshop. You will go home with a better understanding of these key elements:

• How to balance available light
• Overpowering available light
• Using a flash meter
• Using your camera metering system for available light
• Seeing your light before you shoot
• Picking a location for best results
• Tools to use to assist (reflectors, scrims, gobos,white balance tools)

We will have 45 minute to one hour of theory. Then break into groups and given tasks to complete. Every team member has to grasp the idea and be able to show their results to the MVP team. When your team is complete you will have free shooting time with your model. The teams that need assistance will have full coaching to demonstrate how to achieve the desired results. Everyone will walk away with the tools needed to replicate these lighting setups and shoot on their own in the field.

This is not a paparazzi shoot, this is a skill building workshop. Theory, Practice, and fun photographing models.

Once the RSVPs are full, I will email the group with updates on the challenges that will be provided.

Take a look at your images using flash. Do they pop? Do they stand out? Take your portrait photography to the next level with this intensive workshop.

RSVP to reserve your spot. An investment, As this workshop will be an investment into your skill set, of 75$ in required to reserve your space. There is 10 spaces available for this workshop. I am coming up on 3 years of workshops now, and still excited about teaching photography to excited new comers and those who want to improve their skill level.

Happy Shooting

Talk soon

Christopher Pike and The MVP Team