Let Your Photos Speak For Themselves

On the Creative Composition workshop you will learn how to develop your photographic eye and start to create great photos rather than just taking snaps.

The workshop is aimed at beginners who are new to their camera – whether a compact, bridge, CSC or SLR – and who are looking for a gentle introduction into photography.

The Creative Composition workshop will be of use if you are looking to create images that are pleasing to the eye and create visual stories that are interesting.

During 90 minutes of tuition, you will learn how to identify good composition.

Orientation and the rule of thirds Leading lines, curves and S-bends Framing and filling the frame Perspective and depth of field Colour and shapes All these compositional terms will be explained using a range of professional images.

A further 90 minutes is given to putting the theory into practice.

As the workshop moves outside, 1:1 time is available with the tutor to help you apply such principles to your own photos. It finishes back indoors with a review of your photos; a powerful opportunity to understand how others see and capture scenes.

The practical session takes place in Leadenhall Market and the City. Being undercover and quiet at weekends, the beautiful architecture of the Market provides optimal conditions for your to practice your composition.

Although this workshop can be completed at any time, it is well suited to being taken at the beginning of your photography journey.

If you are a beginner keen to make quick progress with your photography, the Camera Settings workshop ( takes place in the morning 10am-1pm.

Complementing each other, the workshops have been designed to give you a full day's introduction - both technically and creatively - to your hobby.

When taken together on the same day this qualifies you for a £5 discount off each workshop; that's 6 hours of photography for £80.

See some example photos ( on flickr and student photos (

“It has helped to develop my confidence.” Maggie

“It’s given me a lot of ideas… now to practice!” Audra

“Good practical info and group size. Well organised.” Kerry

“Easy to ask questions! A fantastic learning experience!” Tony

“Fantastic workshop. Look forward to attend the next one!” Stev

“Great tips, I learned a lot in an afternoon. Thanks Natalie.” Maja


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