What we're about

We're a group of photographers, models, and make-up artists who do monthly photoshoots!

We choose a theme, plan a shoot, and meet up in a studio in Surrey to take some fantastic photos.

We are open to hobbyists, professionals, or curious artists and anyone who wants to hone their artistic skills in a casual, friendly, open minded space.


Meet & Greets

An open forum held at the beginning of the month on a Thursday evening to discuss ideas, propose themes, and to give new members a chance to introduce themselves and ask any questions.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns before going to a meet and greet, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer you as best we can!

You must attend at least one meetup/planning night before you can attend a shoot. It's expected that photographers and models will attend the planning meet & greet prior to the shoot. Long standing members may miss the meetup with special permission from the organizers (prior to the meetup night).

This is so models and photographers can get comfortable with each other and know what's going on before showing up for a photo shoot.


Our creative space is held in a studio in Surrey, BC on Saturday evenings.

Here we shoot the discussed theme at the meet and greet. Come prepared, and if you need to leave at any time, please let our organizers know (beforehand, if possible).


There is a charge for the shoot - $35 for photographers and $20 for models - this money goes towards having the studio space and giving a small kit fee to the makeup artists.

Model Release Forms

All models and photographers will sign a photo release form prior to taking any photos.

You can see the form here (https://goo.gl/forms/updTGPSLOl7i1Epi2/). The form dictates sharing/online posting permissions foreach photographer and model. If you are unsure about posting an image on a specific website/app/etc please ask first.


Photographers have 3 weeks from the date of the photoshoot, to provide each model with at least 3 edited, high-resolution images per shooting station/theme.

If a photographer shoots the same model in 3 different outfits/themes/scenes, they would be required to provide a minimum of 9 pictures to that model, and so on. Copies of the photos must be provided to the makeup artist as well.


Online file sharing and storage like Dropbox, The Box, Google Drive, Mega, etc. is optimal in terms of making sure all persons involved (model, makeup artist), receive and have accessibility to the content created in this group.



We are a casual and friendly group, but a certain level of professionalism is required when interacting with your fellow group members.

Any risk to the safety and comfort of any of our members will not be tolerated and result in suspension from the group (banned). No one will be asked to do anything they are uncomfortable with.


Consent is a clear, verbal or written exchange of the word "yes", between individuals.

"Maybe", "I don't know", "Um", complete silence or refusal to answer, are to be treated as "no". Anything other than a clearly established "yes" between people will not be considered as expressed consent.

Do not touch, put hands on, or interact inappropriately with any of the group members, unless clear, expressed consent is given to do so. This applies to photographers, models, and muas (e.g. posing, adjusting clothing, etc. requires expressed consent).

This is also in respect to posting images without a model's, photographer’s or makeup artist's written or verbal consent. Photos are NOT to be posted outside of these agreed permissions.

We take this very seriously. If you do not abide by the rules of what consent and respect means, then you will no longer be a part of this group.

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