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Starting at Textilcafe near Eigelstein Torburg, going to Hauptbahnhof and Dom, accross Appelhoplatz towards Friesenplatz and ending the Tour at Brüsslerplatz at a Cafe called Hallmackenreuther.

HERE (,+K%C3%B6ln+to:Friesenplatz,+50672+K%C3%B6ln,+Nordrhein-Westfalen+to:Hallackenreuther,+K%C3%B6ln&hl=de&ie=UTF8&ll=50.943692,6.947308&spn=0.016278,0.038238&sll=50.941448,6.941686&sspn=0.016279,0.038238&geocode=FZ9sCQMdRydqACGipVKZpFtY_ymrCkz5oiW_RzGipVKZpFtY_w%3BFcFUCQMdGzRqAA%3BFRZPCQMdeShqAClpWR1QpSW_RzEgwSGRSla8pg%3BFWBLCQMdq-BpACmRBvpsBiW_RzGt3UkcMXOYBg%3BFeVACQMdec5pACmHtcRjBCW_RzGLNpqMOmrO_Q&gl=de&dirflg=w&mra=ls&t=m&z=15) you can find the complete tour. Of course this is just a suggestion, we can reschedule while walking and discovering new cool places ;-)

Really looking forward to Monday! And if the weather turns out to be bad, I would be up for one or two drinks at the Textilcafe just to Meetup :)

Please try to be on time and tell us when you won't be able to make it.

You can reach me at