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Take photos of a building being blown up!

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Saturday Update:

Some suggestions on where to watch are in this article:

Thursday planning update:

Given that there is no central viewing site and that navigating around might be difficult we have decided that we will give you some suggestions for spots to aim at individually and try to meet after the event and compare photos etc. The location and time posted are to meet-up after the demolition, so don't go there first, but please do drop by after.

The demolition is expected at 11:00, give yourself plenty of time to get where you want to be. The time for the meetup is after the demolition so plan accordingly and don't miss it!. The weather is forecast to be a bit grey and gloomy so bring some rain gear for you and your equipment.

To help you find a good spot to get some photos here are some suggestions and info on public transit to arrive there

1 - Closest will be in the area near the Heussallee/Musuemsmeile U-Bahn stop. There are not a lot of clear sight lines but you may be able to navigate toward Reuterstr bridge area. You can get on the U-Bahn at the Central Train Station (downstairs). This is also near the Bundeskunsthalle don't know if their roof is sold out but might be worth hanging around there to see if anyone has an extra ticket, or wandering a bit behind it .

2. Another suggestion is to head to the KennedyBrucke and see from a distance. You reach it by foot from the U-Bahn Stops on either side of the river. See Google Maps, this is also quite central and walkable from the Central Station

3. The Marriott hotel is rumored to have space available for a fee of 12Euro on their rooftop bar - limited space but very well placed. Give them a call to see what the options are - some have rented rooms!

To meet afterwards I suggest the Vapiano that is in the center of town. I would suggest we plan on meeting there around 11:45 to exchange results and thoughts on what we just saw. We should look for each other upstairs in the area where the pasta making is done. Look for people with cameras.

Thurs 16 March 08:40 update - this morning starting at 10 am the Bundeskunsthalle will be selling 200 tickets to view this from their roof. You have to go in person to purchase the tickets.

Some resources in English and German

Here is a description of the event from the Bonn city website, the map is in there too - at the end, the second PDF: