Excursion to Frankfurt Christmas Market - with Analog Photography

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Outing to Frankfurt Christmas market
A joint outing with the Frankfurt Analog Meetup!

An excursion to Frankfurt for the Christmas market with the theme of ‘being like analog. We will met up with the Frankfurt Analog Photography group (https://www.meetup.com/AnalogPhotography/) – and also use our cameras – even if digital – with the limitations of analog cameras. Try it out – see what your creativity can make in an analog situation!

So, this means:
*Decide how many ‘rolls of 36-exposure film’ you have with you, and limit yourself to 36 or 72 shots for the day (or, if you feel very rich, you might shoot 3 'rolls of film').
*Decide in advance if you are shooting black-and-white or color ‘film’, and stick to that for 36 exposures (so, when you ‘change film’ if you choose a second roll, you could of course change film type and also ISO).
*Use only 1 ISO setting, as if you had a film in your camera. Common ISO settings for film are: 64, 100, 200, 400, and, if you really push it, 800. (If you shoot ‘black and white’ only, you could choose a ‘film ISO’ of 1600 or even 3200, providing you like a lot of grain in your images.)
*Turn off your monitor: shoot through the viewfinder, don’t review the shot after taking it, no deleting photos during the day. (When you get home, you get to see the whole 'roll of film' at once!)

If you want to take the concept of limiting your options and concentrating on the shot, you could also decide to bring only one prime lens (of course, analog cameras also had zoom lenses, so this is an additional limitation just for fun ;-) ).

(Complying with the suggestions is, of course, *completely optional* – the main thing is to have fun and get to know some other photographers!)

We will meet at 14.30 (2.30 pm) outside Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof.
Sunset is at 16.24, so hopefuly there might be some blue hour shots.
We might enjoy some coffee or gluhwein in the Christmas market to warm up between shots! And for those who can stay a bit longer, there may be an opportunity at 19.00 to get onto a roof of a church for some shots from a different vantage point.

It is recommended to book in advance for the ICE trains as the fastest way to get to Frankfurt (about an hour from Cologne Hauptbahnhof) and can be very affordable when booked as long as possible in advance.