A new perspective: 7 days of photos about the house

Photoresk - Cologne/Köln Photography
Photoresk - Cologne/Köln Photography
Public group

Needs a location


A challenge, for those willing to take it! Let's take one photo a day around the house, and then we will share and discuss them.
Some tips: spend a little time thinking first about a theme or an object. Examples are macros, or abstracts, or even a single object which you might photograph in a different way every day. (If you like, list your theme in the discussion on this Meet-Up - it might help give others ideas!)
Don't think only inside your house, you might have a view out the window or a balcony with some outside plants. (Of course, do stick with the national and international recommendations to protect yourself and others from coronavirus.)
Stick to the theme for the entire eight days, and take a photo a day starting this Saturday, 21.03. On Sunday, the 29th, we will share them online (platform tbd) and discuss what we learned and what we like about each other's photos.