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PHPAmersfoort October 2022

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Rick K.


What do you call it when an elephpant codes a feature...? *giggles* Trunk- *giggle* Trunk-based development! HAH! GET IT? TRUNK! *wipes tear*

We're very happy to welcome another ex-founder of PHPAmersfoort to the stage, Jelrik! He will be telling us all about *giggle* *ahem* sorry, all about trunk-based development! So come join us :-)

19:00 - Welcome
19:30 - Trunk-based development - Jelrik van Hal
20:30 - Social

Trunk-based development
One branch. That's all. No git flow. No feature branches. You commit your work onto the main branch, and push it right away. Sounds like a problem? I'll tell you why it isn't.
Traditional branching models encourage technical solutions to a human problem. Pushing the messiness of working together with other humans away from those humans, and coming up with complex steps to type into your terminal window. Ever been in merge hell when your branch and the target branch diverged badly? Ever waited hours or days for a pull request review and had to switch away your focus (losing precious productivity) because of it? I know I have.
Trunk-based development gets rid of complicated branch and commit juggling. It provides a human solution to a human problem. I'll walk you through the benefits and risks of trunk-based development. I'll also give you some handholds on how to start trying it out.


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