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Lambda To The Rescue: Learning From Functional Programming - By Toon Daelman

We took the Red Pill and wanted to find out how deep the rabbit-hole goes​. We started to learn Functional Programming languages like Scheme, Haskell and Erlang and noticed that some of the same problems that we have in Object Oriented Programming are solved in radically different ways in these languages. Since we always want to optimize for developer productivity and away from cognitive overhead, we took some of those solutions that allowed us to think less about implementation and more about problem solving, and tried to port them back to what we already know. The Object. So are you ready to follow the white rabbit that is functional programming? Do you want to know where taking the Red Pill leads you? Or are you just bored and do you want to learn a new language? All reasons are good to join us in this lambda-tastic exploration.

Survive the Agency life - Laurens Bultynck

Working for an agency can be difficult: demanding clients, impossible deadlines, chaotic project managers, ridiculous budget cuts, … We’ve all heard the stories or experienced them in a way, but it doesn’t always have to be like that. In this talk I share my experience and point of view that hopefully convinces you that you can survive all the above as a developer working for an agency without losing your mind.