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After a five-year hiatus, assistant organizers of the Phoenix Philosophy Meetup have formed a new spin-off Meetup group, the Phoenix Philosophical Inquiry Group, to discuss the same types of philosophical issues we did from 2006 until 2015. Though, with this new group, the discussion format will be slightly different than before; with the focus on cooperative, free-flowing, and unstructured conversations run by solely by the participants, not a moderator, while seeking to explore the vast intellectual depths of a particular topic.

This format has been time-tested by a local philosophy group in a private setting for over a decade, with wildly-enthusiastic, “wow factor” results! However, key members of that small group have moved, and in order to replace them (as well as introduce this unique, transcending discussion format to a wider audience) the group has now gone public on Meetup.com as the Phoenix Philosophical Inquiry Group!

The reason the discussion format works like a dream come true is because participants agree to approach a given topic anew, with fresh eyes and ears, i.e., with a clean intellectual slate; as though they’re being introduced to the concept of it for the very first time (aka a “beginner’s mind”). And with all the emphasis in the discussion on better understanding the topic, and none on persuading anyone of anything, the floodgates of the mind swing wide open; and the conversation effortlessly moves forward in a harmonious way, like people rowing a boat together in unison in still waters (instead of getting stuck in the mud and spinning their collective wheels).

This allows participants to easily delve increasingly further and further in-depth into the subject matter. And, when it’s all working, each discussion is an exhilarating learning experience! Thus, participants discover, firsthand, why thinking really is the best medicine for the mind.

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