NVC Consciousness: Communication as Spiritual Practice


tl;dr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrCEhRNgGHY

Our way of being — the intentions, attitudes, and quality of the energy that we bring to an interaction — is more important than the particular words we choose to speak. The heart of Nonviolent Communication is not about speaking using a particular recipe. Rather it is about “being” a particular way. When one is being that way, one is said to be “in NVC consciousness.”

This is a workshop on part three of the NVC process -- needs -- for those wishing to explore communication as a spiritual practice of living from present moment awareness.

"Spirituality" will be defined in this setting as "waking up to present moment awareness." We will be drawing from NVC as a tool to support that aim, rather than NVC as a tool to find the right words to say in a given situation.

Exact address will be given to participants on the day prior to the event.