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Are you like the creator of this group and just can’t get enough of Spikeball?

Meetups are organized for Sundays, 2pm - 4pm at Parc Lafontaine to start, and we’ll grow from there. Skills of all levels are invited. If you have a kit, please bring it. If you’ve never played Spikeball before and want to learn, I’ll be happy to take the first 15 minutes of every Meetup to teach you how to play.

Bring your smile, sense of community, and leave no garbage behind!

- Chantale

Past events (8)

Pop-up Spikeball at Parc LaFontaine

Parc La Fontaine

Spikeball @ Parc Jarry

Jarry Park

Spikeball @ Parc LaFontaine

Parc La Fontaine

Pickup Spikeball Meetup #6 (mask up) - Parc Lafontaine

Needs a location

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