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3D Modeling Course - Introduction to Blender 4 Classes


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This is the 2nd run of our first successful course.

March 30, April 1, 6 ,8
6pm to 9pm

Class 1:
Intro to Blender interface and Navigation.
Intro to modeling concepts,scale, and creating a simple box model.
Placing orthographic images into a scene.
Start the Spin top.

Cost: $95 for the full, 4-class, course.
Per person cost, full amount paid at first class.
Cash or Credit Card

Introduction to Blender overall course description.

Instructors: Hunt Hodgkins and helpers TBD.

Explore three-dimensional navigation and hard-surface modeling in an Introduction to Blender. In this instructor-led workshop, participants learn the fundamentals of Blender to create 3D hard-surface objects for use in printing, animation, and digital art using concepts and techniques of the industry.

By the end of this course participants will:

Have a basic understanding of Blender and proficiently navigate in 3D space.

Be able to create hard-surface models.

Be familiar with 3D modeling components and terms

Be familiar with different modeling techniques using edge extrusion, box modeling, and Boolean operations and understand when to use each technique.

Be familiar with modeling for use in 3D printing


This course is made up of four sessions that build upon concepts and techniques acquired from the previous week’s lesson. Therefore it is necessary to attend each class in order to stay current. For this reason, participants will not be able to pay on a class per class basis. Participants may choose to audit the course at the same price. Refunds may be given if a participant cannot attend due to extenuating circumstances. Please speak with Chris Vestal.

For this class participants will need:

A laptop unless the participant is auditing the course.

A 3 Button mouse (left and right-click with a middle-button/scroll wheel)

A Numpad on your keyboard or an attachable numpad (the numpad is not crucial but extremely helpful)

The latest version of Blender installed on their laptop which can be found here ( Please see the system requirements for installation on your laptop here (

We will provide a printed course guide to every student.

When participants RSVP for the course, please note if your laptop is Mac, PC, or Linux