What we're about

The initial group founded to understand, improve, and educate others about PittMesh: Pittsburgh's Community Wireless

Who should join: Anyone with a technical or community organizing background. This group is primarily for the technical advancement of the PittMesh network which runs on OpenWRT, an open-source, Linux-based embedded system and servers hosting services on the network. Application development and documentation will be the most focused on activities in this group. Excellent communication skills are a must as well as an enthusiasm for working on networking and development projects in small groups.

Why should members join: To be a part of the design and implementation of the PittMesh Standard, a standard package/build for OpenWRT routers. Also, to learn about topics related to classic networking, wireless networking, wireless and open-network security, and community engagement through application development. Each meeting should have a presentation of a related topic to excite and inspire the PWG members and to encourage the adoption or refinement of technologies, both new and old, for the betterment of the PittMesh Community Wireless Network.

* What can members expect out of the group: Primarily collaborative work with other PWG members to build and test technologies for the PittMesh network. Each meeting will have one presenter briefly digging into the details of an important or novel aspect or use of the Pittmesh network to ensure all members have an increasingly synchronized body of knowledge upon which advancements can be made and new uses can be found.

* Community: Meetups will facilitate interaction between members from all over the Pittsburgh area by giving an interface through which ideas can be exchanged and work can be accomplished. The PWG will meet in person and remotely via mailing lists and chat.

Past events (50)

PittMesh Working Group Night!


Weekly PittMesh Install in the Hill District!

Garland's Auto Repair (across from Black Beauty Lounge)

PittMesh Working Group Night!


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