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The concept of mindfulness has been creeping up in pretty much all of our recent discussions. Let us now take a closer look at this concept directly.

Some of the questions we will pose include: What IS mindfulness? What's the big deal about it - why should I care? Why would we want to cultivate it? What should we be mindful OF? How is it related to the other concepts we've discussed (equanimity, compassion, gratitude)? Does it have practical applications? How does one build it? Is mindfulness the lowest building block, or is there something even more fundamental? Is there a scientific basis for any of this?...

Feel free to bring any of your own resources (books, articles, etc.) on this topic to share, as I know they are plentiful!

We will aim to discuss for about 2 hours, and then use the last hour as an optional socializing time to get to know each other better, since part of many folks' intention for this group was to meet and socialize with like-minded folks.

Some interesting pointers, should you care to take a look (helpful but not necessary): - Lots of resources from a newly-launched magazine on the topic

An interesting article in Psychology Today (

* Note that integrity is part of our practice, so if you say you will come, please do.

* Note: Use of this space requires that we spend a total of $50 at Paneara - so if at all possible, please plan to purchase some food and/or drink, and feel free to eat/drink it during our meeting.