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Welcome to the Pittsburgh Collaborative Writers Meetup

As is said in varying ways, the tools of communication change, but the ideas remain the same. In this day, we have access to a writing tool unlike those available in the past: Google Docs. This technology gives us new options for authorship, although in many ways the craft of writing has not changed.

Google Docs is a free online tool that allows two or more people to edit the same document at the time and see the changes that the other person is making as they are being made. Having this functionality allows for an immediacy of collaboration between writers in different locations in a way that could not have happened in the past. As the word processor improved the craft of writing by making revisions easier, the question now is, how does this new tool change the way we communicate using the written word.

This is a group for writers of all styles and all experience levels. I have been a professional technical writer for more than ten years, serving as a journalist, writing content for the web, writing computer manuals, and writing fiction for my own amusement. I look forward to using the tools of collaboration to help others:

* Learn to be more creative
* Overcome writers' block
* And to write more effectively

During the Meetup we will write together, read what we have written, and collaboratively edit each other’s writing. The goal of this group will be to improve our communication with each other and with our intended audiences. As I would hope for other members of the group, I aspire to being accepting of all recommendations about my writing as I strive to produce the best product that I can.

Each participant will need a laptop or tablet for every Meetup. You will also need a free Google email address if you do not already have one.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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