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As technology enthusiast, we tend to seek for perfect solutions, cutting-edge technology, streamlined designs. On the other hand, real world often requires compromise that leaves no one satisfied.
One fairy tale and few use-case scenarios will demonstrate why key words like optimal or cost effective should stick into your professional dictionary, and how to talk to business stakeholders to get your ideas approved for delivery.

Can you do better, failure-withstanding designs? In the past it required expensive, high maintenance infrastructure. But can you do it better? Let's discuss Reactive Manifesto principles that will guide you to design IT systems to withstand any failure.

Maciej Kubicki - an Enterprise Architect with extensive professional experience in Polish and international financial institutions; he has the knowledge of the issues of organisation of the work of agile IT teams. He designs comprehensive IT architecture for businesses. He is interested in the architecture of BigData and Complex Event Processing.

Grzegorz Szerłomski - Solutions Architect with more than 10-years professional experience gained in working with large- and medium-sized businesses, mainly in the retail sector. Among the wealth of diverse experience, is most interested in large-scale data distribution systems and systems integration.