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#165. Jurgen de Smet - How organisations go nuts

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FAIR WARNING: Even though the venue is very spacious but people attendance will be taken and no-shows duly noted.

About the talk:

Many of us are operating in an organization that has a very complex structure and there is a reason for that! This talk is there to explore some of the reasoning behind the structures you are in. We'll end the talk with a kind of fishbowl to explore options to get out of an endless loop of nut-ness.

Audience: everyone interested is welcome
Duration: 1h talk + Q&A

Jurgen de Smet introduces himself:

"I am a Certified LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) Trainer, Licensed Management 3.0 Trainer and ambassador at, the group spearheading the entrepreneurial environment in Belgium. Inside I am still skateboarding, picking up new moves, adapting to ever-changing environments and freestyling with the best, wherever fresh design concepts for improving the world of work are emerging and being perfected."

More info about Jurgen:

Why Jurgen is in Warsaw?

Jurgen decided to give the talk for Agile Warsaw community while providing Certified LeSS Practitioner training in Warsaw (

Big thanks to ProCognita ( for providing us Jurgen and sponsoring the event recording

Big thanks to Deloitte for hosting the meeting

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