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Launching and scaling UX: get off to the right start by Karine Cardona
From strategy to product, or from service to content in its finest details, UX has many faces. And as the practice matures and evolves, companies understand the necessity of investing in Customer / User experience and hire. But what does it mean to start UX practice in a company? What are the challenges that inevitably will arise? What are the common resistances you will have to face? How to overcome them? And how to lay the best foundations for UX growth and UX team development? In this talk, Karine draws from 15+ years of experience in Digital Products to highlight how companies’ context can affect or define our practice and describe strategies to be able to make an impact that provides value to all parties involved: business – users – UX’ers. Who is it for? Designers but also entrepreneurs, product managers will find value in this talk. SPEAKER Karine Cardona ( is a UX strategist & designer who helped companies of all sizes set up and develop UX practice and UX teams. She has worked for design agencies, startups and large companies before joining Forrester, a research and advisory company, as a senior analyst for customer experience. HOST Poki ( is an online playground. Since 2014, they’ve been building on a casual game platform, currently reaching 30 million monthly active users around the globe. As a young and fast-growing company, Poki strongly believe in impact and the transformative power of user-centric design. In failing forward, taking little steps to achieve big things. In small groups of smart and creative people, that will positively change the world. SCHEDULE 19:00 Welcome, dinner (soup & sandwiches) 19:30 Talk by Karine 20:30 Drinks & networking

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This community gathers everyone interested in UX and users. We talk about UX and things related to it: interaction design, visual design, user research, sketching and prototyping. We also reveal the role of UX in the development process, marketing, business, everyday life. We share our experience, we present our actual projects, we analyze trends and more.

How we do it: through a regular monthly meeting with an interesting presentation followed by a social. Feel free to come, whether you're a UX professional with decades of experience or if you'd like just have a look at what happens in UX today.

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