San Diego Cardano meetup: Boardroom Discussions.

Organizowany przez Cardano Blockchain San Diego

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6 – wzięło udział

W każdy 4. piątek miesiąca aż do 27 lutego 2020

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Boardroom style meetup where we examine new developments in Cardano and really take a deep look at the technology and functionality it offers. We will have a new or returning speaker for every meetup.

On the September 28th meetup for this event, Co-Organizer Wade Love will be explaining exactly how ADA coin staking works, and the technology behind it that allows it to function. He will cover the differences between crypto mining and coin staking, how coin staking pools work, how you can make or get into a staking pool, and lastly the specific details and differences within the ADA staking process compared to other stake based Cryptocurrencies.

You are advised to bring a laptop or pen and paper if you're interested in taking personal notes. Video footage of the speech will be distributed to all attending members that want it, so don't worry about bringing a camera to the event.