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We invite you to our events:

We will organize business lunches, beer meetups, information meetups, social events , hire events and tournaments.

During these events will answer any questions about Crossover or about the future of work and about working remotely for an american startup. We will also have fun and socialize.

Who can you meet during these events?

Per Markus Tornberg, Country General Manager (Poland)

Michał Szmurło, Brand Ambassador

Justyna Klary, Recruitment Consultant

George Papakirykos, Director of People Analytics

Tomasz Kaźmierski, Software Engineering Manager

Michał Grochowski, C# (.NET) Software Engineering Manager

Seweryn Jakubiec, IT Project Manager

Szymon Czekajewski, Technical Product Manager

Krystian Lieber, Java Chief Software Architect

Karol Lassak, Java Chief Software Architect

Leszek Bednorz, Java Chief Software Architect

Paweł Gorczyński, C# (.NET) Chief Software Architect

Łukasz Stelmach, Technical Product Manager

Piotr Has, Java Software Engineering Manager

Przemek Sargeant, PHP Software Engineering Manager

Wojciech Kaminski, DevFactory Senior Technical Product Manager

Marek Grabka, Software Architect - C#

Konrad Nagórko, Software Engineering Manager

We look forward in meeting you at any of our events.

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