DDD Lean Coffee #5

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Medius Poland Sp. z o.o.

Stanisława Żółkiewskiego 17b · Kraków

Jak nas znaleźć

(entrance from Żółkiewskiego street, there is a MEDIUS sign plus a flag will be displayed in front of the building)

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This time we are going to have a Lean Coffee meetup.

"Lean Coffee is a structured, but agenda-less meeting. Participants gather, build an agenda, and begin talking. Conversations are directed and productive because the agenda for the meeting was democratically generated."

At the beginning we will gather topics that participants are interested in, then we will vote on them and the winning topic gets 10 minutes of fame. Then we decide whether we continue for another 10 minutes, or begin discussing the next topic.

We can propose any topic that is related to DDD.
(You may post your proposals in comments)

Beginners and newcomers to DDD and our group are welcome!