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Data Science Warsaw #42 autonomous driving
On Tuesday, November 27th, we'll have two talks about autonomous driving at the Data Science Warsaw Meetup and then the After Party powered by NETHONE! 1. Building models for autonomous driving in the Carla simulator. Maciej Dziubiński We will take a deep dive into the fine art of building machine learning models for driving a virtual car around a race track. For that, we will familiarize ourselves with the Carla simulator (, the types of input we can collect, and two methods of driving along a predefined path. Based on that, we will build machine learning models for controlling the car, and discuss the caveats hidden in this task. The overarching goal of this presentation is to introduce the audience to a platform for starting out in the autonomous vehicle world. Bio: By day, Maciej is a machine learning engineer at Nethone, working on fraud prevention models and other solutions for the business world. And by night, Maciej is a member of OPIUM where he works on autonomous vehicles and other disruptive technologies. 2. Autonomous Racing - from the simulator to a real track. Karol Majek In this talk, Karol will present lessons learned from two autonomous driving events Self-Racing Cars 2017 and 2018. He participated in the first event in a team supported by the Udacity with an End-to-End network trained in a simulator. In the 2nd event, the team used semantic segmentation and path planning to improve the results. Bio: Karol Majek is Self-Driving Car and Mobile Robotics Engineer. He successfully participated in several mobile robotics competitions including DARPA VRC, ELROB, Eurathlon, Udacity Challenge, Self-Racing Cars and F1/10. His interests are deep learning (Image analysis; TensorFlow, Keras), mobile robotics (ROS), cloud (mostly GCP). He received a grant in TensorFlow Research Cloud program. He is now working on autonomous cars (Deep Drive PL) and mobile robotics (NASK). After the meetup, we invite you to the AfterParty sponsored by Nethone - a Polish company that provides AI-based anti-fraud and Business Intelligence solutions for online merchants. More about Nethone FB: @NethoneAI, TT: @Nethone_, Li: Nethone We also encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter (, where we inform about interesting events regarding Data Science in Warsaw and in Poland.

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