Java Talk by EPAM, Krakow + ONLINE SREAM

EPAM TechTalks Krakow
EPAM TechTalks Krakow
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As EPAM we want to share the knowledge and engage more with Java developers, give back, learn, and through that grow. Special for you, our speakers: Pawel and Evgeny will share their experience.

WHERE: EPAM Office, O3 Business Campus, Opolska 114, Krakow
WHEN: 18.00, November 07

You can’t come to the office? No worries – join the ONLINE STREAM of the event.
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Step 1 - open this website:
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Step 5 - listen carefully and enjoy live streaming of Java (optional to use)

18:00 – “CodinGame - check your programming skills and have fun!” – Pawel Labaj
CodinGame is a platform for developers with allows them to play and learn to code better. You can check your algorithm's knowledge by solving puzzles and compete other developers by implementing bots. Show your language mastery with writing the shortest possible code and win prizes in contests.

19:15 – “The story of how I was wrong for years, Unicode and PBT” - Evgeny Zachateyskiy
The story of technical interview which happened to be too hard, reasons of it, which were hidden in Unicode, and the ways of avoiding same trap in your project.