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Ethereum Meetup Poland - Introducing The DAO of Bisq and UniversalLoginSDK

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Hey blockchain fans!

A little bit before Christmas we would like to invite you to an incredible meetup. Below you will find all the details about the upcoming event.

Speakers and subjects:

1. Eyal Ron - The DAO of Bisq

Bisq is a P2P exchange for cryptocurrencies and fiat. It is an open source community project that was established in 2014.

As part of Bisq’s “decentralize everything!” approach, the organization that develop Bisq is in the process of transferring itself into a DAO.

Bisq DAO is a second-layer solution on top of Bitcoin blockchain. The Bisq DAO enables, among other things, payment to Bisq contributors, appointment of roles in the Bisq organization, and adjustment of parameters in the Bisq trading protocol.

This talk presents Bisq as a project in general and focuses on the DAO of Bisq. The Bisq DAO is already up and running, currently in a testing environment, with a scheduled mainnet deployment set for 2019.

2. Marek Kirejczyk - UniversalLoginSDK

Universal Login is a design pattern that aims to solve some of most burning usability and security problems of ethereum. The blockchain is not ready today for massive adoption. Onboarding users is hard. Backup phrases, hardware wallets, and multisig are black magic to an ordinary user. Registering on an exchange, KYCs, installing clients make starting quite a challenge. How we plan to solve it? We will share our experiences from last months of work on reference implementation and our standardization efforts as well as the roadmap and our future plans.

NOTE: The event will be recorded but not livestreamed

After presentations, we provide time for networking and face to face chats with our speakers. Furthermore, you will not be hungry or thirsty - beer, cold beverages and pizza provided!

Organiser: Ethworks

See you there!