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Hi All!

This time we are meeting to learn Java!

Let’s check the details below:

1st Speaker: Patryk Piechaczek

Kotlin == Java++

Java is almost 25 years old. Will we finally get a worthy successor? During the presentation, we will talk about Java++: Kotlin. I will present new features, the differences between Java and Kotlin and tell you about migration. I will try to prove that Kotlin is not only curiosity but also a tool for effective coding.

About Patryk:
Java developer with 4 years of experience. Kotlin fanboy, tech talks enthusiast and passionate about new technologies, especially in the field of JVM.

2nd Speaker: Vinicius Antonio Gai

Simplifying your DAOs with Spring-data and Specification

DAOs are always one important part of our system, that we will connect and save/read/update/delete our data from databases, this layer can be very complex for us(transactions, commit, taking care with lock, etc..), but during the years a lot of frameworks appear to help us and make our lives much more easier, so today we will talk about one of the frameworks that is Spring-Data with Specifications from pivotal, how it can simplifier your DAOs in the way that we can write less and less queries and making it readable and understandable for the devs.

About Vinicius:
I've been working with Java for a long time, since old versions(1.4 until now java 11), I always liked Spring and trying to use/improve the app that I'm working with to move to Spring and for sure to stay in tune with the new features from Spring in general.

We are waiting for you on Thursday, 21st of November 2019 at 6 PM at GlobalLogic office, which is located in Kraków, Puszkarska 7k, 5th floor.

See you there!