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Time for a data science deep dive using one of the most popular platforms out there - Kaggle!

Learn how to start on Kaggle, share your experience, learn tips and trick on how to win a Kaggle competition and improve your skills. Our goals are to: LEARN through practice, NETWORK with other Data Scientists from your city and work on Data Science projects together, MEET Kaggle Grandmasters, Masters and Kaggle competition winners, HAVE FUN at the meetings.

Our speakers are Kaggle competition winners. At Kaggle Days Meetups you can participate in presentations, workshops and offline mini-competitions, all of them related to Data Science and Kaggle.

All technologies are welcome, we aim to provide a venue for all enthusiasts, whether you are into R, Python, Julia, SAS, or other programming languages. Once we reach a small critical mass we will invite everyone for a first Meetup event.

If you are up for your next competition you can start early at
Info on Kaggle Days Meetups:

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Grandmaster Talk & QA

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MiniHack #3

Cologne Intelligence (CI)


Micromata GmbH - Niederlassung Bonn

MiniHack! - First Get-together!

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