WEBINAR: Synthetic Artwork: Can DLN's be Truly Creative?

Kaggle Days Meetup DC Maryland Virginia
Kaggle Days Meetup DC Maryland Virginia
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This event will now be hosted as a Webinar!

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6:30 - Announcements & Introductions
6:40 - Presentation by Dr. Benjamin Bengfort
7:35 - Q&A (Attendees will be able to type their questions into the chat box)
8:00 - Wrap Up

Talk Abstract:
We live in an age of deep fakes and Go-playing AI that prompts a significant question: can we create a computational method for creativity? The philosophical impacts of such an answer aside, it seems that AI can at least enhance the creative endeavors of humans and deep learning has been used in many artistic endeavors from music to live performance. In this talk, we'll dive into some of the specific methodologies used such as deep dream for creating psychedelic pictures and magenta for generating music. We'll also take a look at non-DLN methods such as evolutionary and genetic algorithms. Hopefully, at the end of this talk, you will be inspired to train models to create artwork of your own!

About the Speaker:
Dr. Benjamin Bengfort is the Chief Data Scientist at PingThings, Inc. in Washington D.C., where he spends his days applying deep neural learning to synchrophasor sensor data in an effort to improve the efficiency and safety of the electric grid. On nights and weekends he can be found working on Yellowbrick — an open source Python package for machine learning diagnostics and interpretation. He's also the author of several books on machine learning including Applied Text Analysis in Python and Data Analytics with Hadoop. Dr. Bengfort earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland and is also adjunct faculty at Georgetown University where he teaches new data scientists how to integrate machine learning into their work. If he can sneak away from his computer and the classroom for a few hours, you’re likely to find him in his woodshop or manning the smoker at the neighborhood barbecue (where he'd stake his brisket against an AI any day).

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