Building a Bitcoin Business: The Cashback Model. FREE BEER!


Welcome to the penultimate Bitcoin meetup of 2019 where Tom Chojnacki will talk about how he built, a Bitcoin cashback model lowering the threshold for acquiring satoshis for EU citizens.

Tom Chojnacki is a senior strategy and business development professional with a background in the telecommunications industry specializing in B2B partnerships and integrations. His interest in the free-market economic ideas of the Austrian School of Economics led to his fascination with Bitcoin, and it didn't take long before he fell down the 'Bitcoin rabbit hole' and developed a firm belief in the disruptive power of this social and monetary phenomenon.

We will meet at the Forklog co-working space at 6pm, and there will be free beer to those who show up!


The Kraków Bitcoin Meetup is an initiative for Bitcoin enthusiasts in the city of Kraków, Poland, organized by BitSpace. The event is held frequently and aims to connect the brightest local crypto minds together. It also aims to provide educational value through presentations and workshops for people who want to learn more about Bitcoin. Even though this event is primarily about Bitcoin, you are of course permitted to mention other cryptocurrencies :)

The events are free of charge, and there are no knowledge requirements for you to participate. Come and learn!

Please invite other people who might be interested in attending.


If you have something to share or announce with the meetup, give a heads up and the stage is yours. Anything that might be valuable for a local crowd of bitcoiners is very welcome.

Additionally, we're always looking for interesting speakers to talk at the meetups. If you or someone you know have/has insightful things to say on a Bitcoin-related topic, don't hesitate to discuss it with me, and we will schedule a talk.

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