Meet.cljc KRK September [#1]

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30 – wzięło udział

Artefakt Cafe

Dajwór 3 · Kraków

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Dowstairs. You'll find the stairs to the left of the bar.

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Clojure Meetup in Kraków
Five years after EuroClojure we're getting around to building and supporting a growing community of Clojure developers in Kraków specifically (and Poland in general).

September 9, 2019. 7pm.

Artefakt Cafe
Dajwór 3,[masked] Kraków

Location (Details)
[look] You are at Artefakt Cafe entrance
[walk forward]
[look] You are standing next to the bar.
[look right] You see the unmistakable queue to the toilet.
[look left] You see stairs winding down and can't see the bottom.
[go downstairs] You've found the party!

1. Andrzej Fricze - Programming is a lie. A short story about blind apes and dead painters
2. Norbert Wójtowicz - Revisiting core.async: polishing a gem or a momentary lapse of reason?
3. Lightning Talks!!!

Lightning Talks
If you would like to show off something you're working on, ask about a problem you're struggling with or just share something cool with us... this is the slot for you! Feel free to bring a laptop or just free solo with the mic.

Talks will be in English. The Clojure community is small as it is in Poland and we would like to provide an opportunity for non-polish speakers living in Kraków to attend more tech meetups. This is also a great opportunity for everyone to practice and level-up their language and presentation skills with a small, informal, and welcoming group of people.

We'll have access to a projector (HDMI), microphone, and plenty of time to share some beers (lots of good ones on tap) or other refreshing non-alcoholic beverages. Just don't expect to find an open kitchen, so grab some dinner beforehand.

If you would like to give a talk at an upcoming event, have any questions, comments, concerns or just want to say hi, emails us at: [masked]