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Anyone interested in modern cloud tooling and building cloud native applications.

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SAVE THE DATE: October 7-9, 2019 in Krakow, Poland. is a leading software tech conference for developers, technology enthusiasts, and business people. Join us to experience five unique, content-rich events - covering Scala-, Reactive-, Cloud-, JS-, and Data-oriented topics in one place at one time. CloudSphere - a part of - is focused on Cloud-Native application development, architecture and tooling. 2018 edition was a screaming success with nearly 500 participants. 2019 will be even better! FANCY JOINING US? * 5 tech conferences in one * Reactive-, Scala-, Cloud-, JS-, and Data-oriented topics * 3 days of presentations * Wide variety of workshops * World-class speakers. New ideas. Practical knowledge. * Over 600 participants to network with There's much more to enjoy! This year we offer you 2 mini-spheres: * Kotlin mini-sphere is dedicated to Kotlin ecosystem. * Quantum mini-sphere focuses on a current perspective on the flourishing field of quantum computing; from theoretical quantum information research to fully practical deployment of quantum computing in production. ________________________________________________________________ TICKETS: IMPORTANT: By getting one ticket you can participate in all 5 events. COMMUNITY PAY LESS: use spherelovescommunity code to get a 10% reduced price ________________________________________________________________ WHO WILL BE SPEAKING: Yan Cui - DAZN Holly Cummins - IBM Przemek Maciołek - LOGSENSE Giuseppe Angelo Porcelli - AMAZON WEB SERVICES Learn more about the speakers confirmed so far on the official website. --> WORKSHOPS Choose from more than 10 different workshops dedicated to various topics crucial to every software developer out there. Visit to learn more about the variety of workshops offered.

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