Building Agile Structures - LEGO Game!

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LeSS Warsaw
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wtorek, 10 grudnia 2019
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“Culture follows structure” is one of Larman's Laws of Organizational Behavior. It means that structure impacts employees’ behaviours and beliefs and if you really want to change culture, you need to change structure first.

To show consequences of different organizational designs we (ProCognita) developed a fun and interactive simulation with a lot of Lego bricks. This simulation mimics an organization with both business and development departments trying to work together in pre-defined structures. The goal of the organization is to build a Lego city by delivering (1) as fast and (2) as many as possible Lego buildings according to specification delivered by facilitators. Three sessions let you feel first-hand how different structures are impacting Value Delivery and Time to Market. These imitate:
- Component teams
- Cross-component teams, single specialization members
- Cross-component teams, multi-skills members.

See you there!