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We are in the mobile era. Cellphones, tablets, e-readers, smart wristbands, glasses and other wearable or portable and extremely intelligent devices are everywhere. New technologies, devices, apps, frameworks appear every day and it's so exciting and useful to discuss it in open, comfortable environment in company of mobile professionals and enthusiasts.

Mobile Meetup Oslo is dedicated to all aspects of mobile world. We are about ideas, news, design, development, entrepreneurship in this rapidly evolving technology niche.

Please join us in shaping the conversation and topics of this community. And see you at the next meetup!

We strictly follow Conference Code of Conduct (

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Mobile Era 2019 Announcement & Assembly + Tech Sessions

Oslo Teknologihuset

Welcome to the Mobile Era Conference ( general assembly + tech sessions event! This evening we are going to introduce Mobile Era 2019 - 4th edition of the Nordics main mobile developers conference. We'll serve free food and drinks for you! The first part of the event, general assembly + food and drinks (starts 17:00), is open to everyone, but only the members of the Mobile Era organization are entitled to vote. The second part of the event (starts 18:00) is some technical sessions from Mobile Era's previous years' speakers ======= Agenda 17:00 Doors Open Welcome drinks and snacks 17:15 Mobile Era General Assembly see the agenda below 17:45 A BIG ANNOUNCE of Mobile Era 2019 • Dates and venue • Opening ticket sales 18:00 A different AR Use Case: The Meeting Room Finder by Elvis Nuñez, Mobile Engineering Manager at Most of the popularity of AR these days comes from games, the popularity of Pokemon Go has given AR a hype it has never seen before but we haven’t seen many practical use cases besides games. On this talk we will start with an introduction of what Augmented Reality is, its evolution and an insight into its future. We will continue introducing ARKit, Apple’s framework for developing AR apps. We will share on a high level how it works as well as what makes ARKit so special. Finally, we will conclude sharing the behind the scenes of “AR meeting room finder”, an app that won the latest FINN HackDay. Sharing the technologies behind it as well as the secret sauce behind shaping a clunky prototype into a winner product concept. ======= Welcome to Teknologihuset and be the first to hear the news about Mobile Era 2019 Conference! Overall agenda of the general assembly: * Election of meeting leader and scribe * Approval of the accounts and annual report from the board of directors * Review of the budget for next year * Election of the new board of directors * Changes to the by-laws * Other agenda items submitted to the general assembly Background: The organization by-laws governs the election of the board. They are part of the founding documents of the organization (in Norwegian) and can be found at From out by-laws (translated from Norwegian): The general assembly is the highest arbiter of the Mobile Era organization. The ordinary general assembly will be executed annually and usually in the first quarter of the year. All members of the Mobile Era organization will receive an invitation through web pages, email or in other ways that can reach all the members. Agenda items for the general assembly must be submitted to the board of directors at least two weeks before the general assembly. A full agenda will be sent out one week before the meeting. ======= • follow us on Twitter: • follow Mobile Era on Twitter: See you in Teknologihuset!

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Mobile Era 2018 Community Evening


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